By: Wan Mohd Khairul Wan Mohamed Zin

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Monday, 8-Jan-2007 20:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jejalan Di Hujung minggu Di York

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Description of the Journey:

Length of Travel: 45 mins south by train from Durham

Who's who: Me and Sofea (A tutor from UNIMAS taking up MPhil/PhD in Sociology Theories-who are thinking to move from Ustinov College to St. Mary's -what a betrayal !) Although this was our second time visiting this city who some say 'the larger version of Durham' both of us found York refreshing, at least not as hilly as Durham !!

When: Sunday morning till evening in cold and gloomy north-east winter !

What For: Just fancy a day out and Sofea want a hand to take photos for her to be sent home.

Any Additional Infos?: i) To Kamil, I can help you with it (if you know what I mean..Heee...Hee..She's also Sarawakian mate !)

p/s Lame doh dok bergayo poyo! So if you lot found the images provoking, sorry in advance Harrr...Harrr

Monday, 8-Jan-2007 19:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Random New Year's Photos

3 out of 4 housemates
with fran
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These are the few snapshots of the New Year 2007...Happy New Year to everyone...Insya-Allah hopefully this brand new year will bring lots of returns to us all..And less than two weeks from now we all will greet 'Awal Muharram'

On new year's eve, me, Andrzej and Louise we all went for curry...lots of foods..can't even finish all of them and on the new year's day Fran and us went for a walk at Barnard Castle where Fran's parents live. Bad weather and freezing cold but we all had a great fun

Monday, 29-May-2006 22:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hill Walking in Lake District

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Assalamualaikum to all..

Lama betul dok update fotopages ni....Lots of things happened....Loooong story...

Alhamdulillah dah final year...soon will be back home again, can't wait...

These are some of the photos taken in last spring in 2006 when Ed (my housemate) and I went for hill walking in the Lakes...Really had a good time !

Sunday, 25-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Scottish Highlands

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Hooray...It was a break again for about two weeks, my earlier plan to go home for Eid Al-Adha has been postponed to Eid El-Fitr in October 2006, Insya-Allah, if everything goes well.

Anyway been invited by Kak Erin and Pok Dee to join them all to spend two nights at the Scottish Highlands over Christmas break. How can I resist, love travelling, we with the other three (i reckon) Glasgowian-Malaysian family drove a few hours to the north of Glasgow and been to all over the places- sight seeing basically. To name a few that as far as I can remember, Ben Navies, Loch Ness, Fort William, Inverness and some other breathtaking scenic spots. It was freezing cold, unfortunately there was no snow at that time except on the mountains, just frost but good enough to make us shaking, probably reached down to -10 deg C...

Cheers to Kak Erin, Pok Dee and the others who were organising the trip, and 'ta' to Kak Erin Kak Aida for the photos, As in Scottish Gaelic ' Tapadh leibh' means (many thanks in english). So moral of the story, ensure that the camera is fully charged before travel !!

p/s Sorry for not updating this fotopages for ages - been so busy lately, loads of things to work-on, now the 'boss' is in the Oz for 4 what else...??

Tuesday, 6-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We're Housemates

Alhamdulillah...Masuk hari ni dah kira-kira sebulan dah aku pindah dok rumah baru ni...Mula-mula tu memang dilema betul la nak pindah...Aku sememangnya nak stay kat Howlands Farm...more privacy org kate...Tapi dah rent akan naik drp £284 to £360 sebulan, makan daun kayu la aku...

Tapi Alhamdulillah aku skang ni dah pindah kat luar sewa pun murah ler sikit £255 sebulan and Insya-Allah bila term dah start in October ni aku dapat la peluang mengajar lagi...Bulehla buat beli sayur Hehh..Hehh..

Housemates aku ni semuanya excellent la..Dah lama dah kenal diaorang ni, Introducing the members of 53 Orchard Drive, Durham DH1 1LA.

Andrezj, (1st year, Organofluorine chemist),
Ed, (1st year, Plant Biochemist),
Ollie, (2nd year, Biological Chemist),
Chris, (3rd year undergrads, geologist),
Louise, (Andrezj's girlfriend),
Me, (1st year, Organometallic chemist),

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